Pregnancy Massage 
   Feel fantastic before and after baby!
   "Your Pregnancy Massage is the best thing I have done to really look after myself
   this pregnancy". K.P. Nelson
   Pregnancy is a time of enormous emotional and physical change. There is no
   more important time than now, to take special care of yourself and your
   growing baby.
   Studies point strongly to benefits such as fewer complications for mother 
   and baby when therapeutic massage is incorporated into regular antenatal 
   care. You can receive Pregnancy Massage from 12 weeks gestation and into
   the Postnatal period.
   How can Pregnancy Massage help me?
   Relieve -
   Muscle spasm, cramps, backache and leg tension associated with carrying an
   "extra load". Joint pain, stiffness and sciatic nerve pain is often reduced
   along with associated fatigue.
   "My backache and sciatica are much improved. It was great to feel in such competent
   hands and the relaxation was fantastic". L.H. Nelson
   Revive -
   Sluggish blood and lymph circulation caused by increased pressure on the  
   major blood vessels by the heavy uterus. This will improve oedema,
   oxygenate tissues and muscles and improve the removal of waste carried by
   the body's lymph system.
   Relax -
   And totally indulge with the fragrance of therapeutic essential oils. relieve 
   nervous tension or stress and enjoy the benefits of a better nights sleep.
   "Wonderful relaxation. My lower back and sacral area feels much looser now and I feel
   far more positive about having a normal delivery". A.T.  Richmond
   Restore -
   Equilibrium in the postnatal period. Relieve postpartum discomfort and fatigue
   and hasten postnatal recovery.
   "After my baby was born, your massage really helped my sore back from all the
   breastfeeding! My family loved having the baby while I went off and was pampered
   and I am now sleeping much better". A.S. Richmond
   What can I expect?
   You will be totally indulged for a full one hour session while covered and lying
   comfortably on a purpose built pregnancy table.
   Privacy is assured.
   Gentle accupressure on points specific to pregnancy will help balance and
   relieve minor complaints.
   Choose from relaxing background instumental music or "Transforming Birth" -
   a Hypnobirthing experience.
   As a one off, or regular part of your pregnancy care, prepare to feel fantastic!
   How much does it cost? 
One hour Pregnancy Massage - $75 incl gst 
90 minute Pregnancy Massage - $100 incl gst 
Gift Vouchers available
Pregnancy Massage Package Deals: 
Positively Pregnant Package - Look after yourself and your baby during this time of great change. Benefit from 7 rejuvenating and relaxing one hour Pregnancy Massages. Pay for 6 and you receive the 7th absolutely free.                           $450
VIP Pregnancy Package - For the ultimate in self care at this very important time. The VIP Pregnancy Package provides you with regular massages so you can fully relax into your changing body, revive tired muscles and restore balance as you bond with your growing baby. Pay for 10 and receive 12 one hour Pregnancy Massages.                                                                                                        $750 
Payment by Cash or Cheque.
Any unused portion of these packages may be redeemed within 12 months Postnatally
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       New Zealand
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