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Do you want to feel better?

Many of my clients are feeling the best they have in years and I believe you can too. I am passionate about helping "align you with your natural state of wellbeing". My aim and commitment is to see you healthy, relaxed, energized and feeling great! Your health is central to the well being of those around you and a well balanced body will pay you dividends in ample energy and vitality to really enjoy and make the most of life.

As a Naturopath, Fertility Educator and ex Midwife, I can help you in 6 key areas;

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Bio-energetic Screening

Using leading edge technology and science, we can quickly get to the root cause of your health issues and treat them effectively...

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Treating health concerns holistically and tailoring a "wellness program" which is achievable and suited to your needs...

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Pregnancy Massage

Do you want to reduce chances of complications for you and baby and relieve common complaints of pregnancy...

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Massage for Women

Relax deeply and completely with a Swedish Soft Tissue Relaxation Massage. Reap the therapeutic benefits of reduced stress fantastic...

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Gain crucial information about your fertility, identify your unique fertile window and maximize chances of conception each cycle...

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Women's Health

You don’t need to “put up with women’s things”. Improve and restore your health using Herbal and Nutritional therapies...

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Kathy Houghton

is a qualified Naturopath, Fertility Educator and ex-Midwife...