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Welcome to where you can be nurtured and prepared for childbirth.

As an ex-Midwife and Naturopath, with over 25 years experience in massaging 1,000’s of pregnant women, you can relax, knowing you are in capable and professional hands. Pregnancy Massage is my specialty.

Now is the time to take special care of yourself and your growing baby.

Studies point strongly to benefits such as quicker labours and fewer complications for mother and baby when therapeutic massage is incorporated into pregnancy care.

How can Pregnancy Massage help me?

It encourages a special bonding with your unborn child and helps create a deep sense of ease, confidence and relaxation in preparation for your birth experience.
Pregnancy Massage is a safe and effective way to relieve common discomforts of pregnancy such as an aching back, sore hips, sciatic nerve pain, tight neck and leg cramps associated with carrying an “extra load”. It will improve your flexibility, reduce swollen feet and ankles and help carpel tunnel syndrome.

Learning to relax deeply and completely is vital to prepare yourself for labour, and during a session this important skill can be practiced. Both baby and you benefit from the increase of “relaxation” hormones and decrease of “stress” hormones. Fatigue, nervous tension and insomnia are lessened leaving you feeling relaxed, positive and energised.

If baby becomes overdue I can use specific pressure points to help induce labour.

Postnatal Massage

Postnatal Massage helps restore equilibrium in the postnatal period, relieving postpartum discomfort, tired shoulders and arms and quickening your postnatal recovery. Being a new mum is very demanding, so it is vital to nourish and nurture yourself!

What can I expect?

You will be totally indulged, whilst lying on a purpose built pregnancy table (where most women find they can lie comfortably on their front). Privacy is assured. Massage pressure will be tailored to your needs, while gentle acupressure will help balance and relieve minor complaints.

Choose from relaxing instrumental music or “Transforming Birth” – a Hypno-birthing experience designed to create expectation of a natural, easy and comfortable birth.

As a one off, or regular part of your pregnancy care, prepare to feel fantastic and leave feeling nourished and rested. Having massaged pregnant women for over 20 years, I have witnessed the rewards you will both receive numerous times.

What does it cost?

Pregnancy Massage - Per Session

60 minute Pregnancy Massage: $90 incl gst
75 minute Pregnancy Massage: $110 incl gst


Positively Pregnant Package - $430

Look after yourself and your baby during this time of great change. Benefit from FIVE rejuvenating and relaxing one hour Pregnancy Massages.


VIP Pregnancy Package - $845

For the ultimate in self care at this very important time. The VIP Pregnancy Package provides you with regular massages so you can fully relax into your changing body, revive tired muscles and restore balance as you bond with your growing baby. Benefit from TEN luxurious one hour Massages.


Payment by Eftpos or Cash

Gift Vouchers available

Any unused portion of these packages may be redeemed within 12 months Postnatally.

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