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I believe your natural state is one of absolute health and vitality, and I hold this vision of you as we work together to find your unique pathway to health.

Are you one of these?

  • Stressed or not feeling as resilient as you would like to?
  • Gut issues – bloating, pain, irregular?
  • Wishing to have a good cleanout and Detox?
  • Love to lose some weight and keep it off?
  • Want to age healthily and be well in your later years?
  • Pregnant and wanting to look after yourself?
  • Tired all the time?
  • Food Intolerance’s or Allergies?
  • Pain and inflammation?
  • Specific health concerns or ailments? Medical conditions?

I work holistically, with evidence based complementary therapies, to get to the root cause of any health issues you have and put together a sound “do-able” plan for you to follow!

What happens at a consultation?

I access your general health, any specific complaints you have, and use Bio-energetic screening (a type of ‘Electronic Muscle Testing’) to uncover any deeper causes of health challenges.

Screenings tests such as a Zinc Taste test, Iodine Patch test, questionnaires, or tests through Medlab may be used if necessary.

More specialised functional tests such as; Comprehensive stool analysis, Omega 3 testing, OATS (Organic Acids Tests), Hair Analysis of Toxic Metals and Minerals, DUTCH Hormone testing, DNA Profiling and IgG Food Antigen testing are available should we need them.

You will receive a Treatment Homeopathic tailored to your specific needs and a Treatment Plan including; Dietary advice, Herbal treatments, Vitamin and Mineral supplements, Bodywork and lifestyle recommendations. This is all in a “user friendly” form, one that you can achieve and still have fun in your life! I believe in balance, moderation and being practical!

Follow up will vary depending on your case. Generally 2 – 4 sessions are recommended.

What does it cost?

Naturopathic Consultations

Initial Consultation: 60 – 75 minutes – $150 GST inclusive
Follow up Consultations: 35 – 45 minutes – $90 GST inclusive

Payment by Eftpos or Cash

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