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Relax deeply and completely with a Swedish Soft Tissue Relaxation Massage.

How can massage help me?

If you say “yes” to any of the following you will benefit from my Massage;
Want to decrease stress and anxiety?
Need to relax?
Get frequent headaches?
Tired tense muscles?
Would like a greater sense of wellbeing or more energy?
Have aches or pains affecting your movement?
See an Osteopath or Chiropractor?
Would like better quality sleep?
Have health issues?…………..
Our modern lives can be very full and demanding. As a one off, or regular part of your personal care program, massage will help keep you on track, promote a sense of wellbeing and make you feel renewed. I cater for women of any age.

What can I expect?

You will be fully covered in a warm and secure setting. Privacy is assured. Relax with the fragrance of Therapeutic Essential oils and instrumental music, whilst on a comfortable and professional Massage table.

I work with you to achieve a comfortable yet effective massage pressure, so you can relax fully, while reaping the therapeutic effects of decreased muscle tension/pain, improved circulation and stress release.

AromaTouch Technique

For a “light touch”, deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment, nothing beats an AromaTouch session. Through the application of Therapeutic Grade pure essential oils to Energy Meridians and Visceral Contact Points on your back and feet, wellbeing is improved, physical and emotional stressors reduced and profound balance bought to the body. This technique was developed by Dr Hill, a leading expert in integrative medicine.

What does it cost?

Massage for Women - Per Session

60 minute Massage: $90 incl gst
75 minute Massage: $110 incl gst


"I'm Important" Self-Care Package - $430

Enjoy the benefit of five luxurious massages



50 minute session: $110 incl gst


Payment by Eftpos or Cash

Gift Vouchers available

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