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The simple, natural, drug free alternative for your beloved pets.

I have been a Naturopath for 25 years and gaining great health outcomes with clients using Bioresonance. After a number of clients asked me if Bioresonance could help with their pet’s issues, I decided to explore this. The short answer is YES! In fact, I am finding it works very well actually.

Why use Bioresonance?

Our pets are our family members, and their health is very important to us. Animal owners are becoming increasingly interested in more natural solutions for the health and well being of their pets and livestock, as they are becoming aware of the potential risks and problems from prescribed medications and their overuse.

I am delighted to say Bioresonance therapy is proving to be a natural, safe, and effective drug free solution for many of our pet’s common issues. Additionally, when needed, it can also be used alongside conventional care.

How does it work?

Since your pet can’t tell us their problem or put into words how they are feeling, we use Bioresonance therapy to find out what’s going on. Hair samples, or in this case our pet’s fur, gives a full picture of what is out of balance in their body. The system searches an extensive database of over 40,000 remedies to find just the right combination to help realign and rebalance their bodies.

Bioresonance can be used for chronic or acute health issues of any kind. It can address imbalances arising from the presence of bacteria, viruses, parasites, toxins and chemicals, boost the immune system, prevent allergies, promote overall health and much more. It will even assist with ‘emotional’ or stress issues they may have. Whatever your pet needs help with, Bioresonance will custom design a remedy that is just perfect for their health.

How do I give my pet its remedy?

The custom made remedy comes as a liquid in a bottle with a dropper (like a Homeopathic remedy). It can be dropped into your pet’s food, drinking water or put directly into their mouth. The liquid has no taste so pets have no problem accepting it. Doses are normally twice a day, but can be varied according to need.

How do I make an appointment?

The beauty is everything is done over the phone, email and through the post, so I don’t actually have to see your pet. You can live anywhere in New Zealand and I can help you. Please contact me here to learn more and set up an appointment. I am passionate about helping our furry loves ones live their best lives.

What does it cost?

Bioresonance scan and remedy : $100 GST inclusive + $15 p&p

Easy, affordable, drug free and effective.

Payment by bank transfer

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