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“All my niggly health concerns have just dropped away. I am amazed at how comprehensive the Bio-energetic Screening was and how effective treatment has been.”

“I am astounded how Bio-energetic screening works on so many levels. It has helped not only with my Insomnia, but also Headaches and Anxiety. I have slept like a baby since treatment.”

“Adjusting my diet and taking some supplements has really worked. I have more energy now than when I was in my 20’s.”

“I am so pleased I came and saw you, as I am feeling better than I have in years.”

“It is such a relief to go through spring without all my allergies!”

“With my anxiety and stress under control, I actually now enjoy my days. Thank you”

“My gut Detox resolved years of digestive issues and it is such a relief to be comfortable!”

“I have never felt better. This technology is incredible and has helped me tremendously with my Menopause symptoms. I cannot thank you enough for the thorough and personalised care and treatment I received”

“I loved the special time to connect with my baby and practice my deep breathing for birth. Your Hypnobirthing CD has helped me to approach childbirth so positively and excitedly!”

“Your Pregnancy Massage is truly the best thing I have done to really look after myself this pregnancy”

“That was incredible. Your pregnancy massage far exceeded my expectations! I feel absolutely amazing and am coming to see you weekly!”

“I knew my Postnatal Depression wasn’t all in my head. After the herbs and supplements my body felt much stronger and more balanced. I am sleeping much better and now feel able to really enjoy my baby. I can’t thank you enough.

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