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“Within 2 weeks of treatment, the morning sickness that had debilitated me last pregnancy was all but gone. I feel normal again”

“After treatment for my PMT I have been feeling better than I have in years!”

“I had no idea I was so stressed until your massage melted it all away. I am committing to some regular self care monthly!”

“Your hands are magic. They seemed to just know where my tension was held”

“Wonderful relaxation. My lower back and hips feel much looser now, and I feel far more positive about having a normal delivery”

“My backache and sciatica are much improved. It was great to feel in such competent hands and the relaxation was fantastic”

“After seeing numerous practitioners and a failed IVF attempt, at last I am pregnant. How can I ever thank you enough”

“I am feeling fantastic. I now wake up with energy and my Menopause symptoms have vanished”

“The weight is falling off and I don’t even feel like I am trying! This is easy and I know it will last”

“After years of bloating and sore gut problems I have relief and feel wonderful”

“I have had a lot of massages, but that was the best massage I have ever had. It was a wonderful combination of deeply relaxing, yet extremely effective in loosening up my shoulders”

“After my baby was born, your massage really helped my sore back from all the breastfeeding! My family loved having the baby while I went off and was pampered and I am now sleeping much better”

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